Academic Meet

Conclave Session: Odisha: Higher Education for a Better Tomorrow ImageName

Plenary Session  November 14, 2018 12:30 PM-02:30 PM Seminar Hall: Mahanadi

Thematic Sessions  November 14, 2018 03:30 PM-05:30 PM Seminar Hall: Baitarani, Brahmani, Rushikulya, Subarnarekha

Over the last two decades, the state of Odisha has steadily progressed to become a hub of higher education and research. With a judicious synergy of private, central and state Higher Education Institutions in place, the state has resolutely been marching towards its ultimate objective of achieving excellence in imparting and creating knowledge with Skill to its youth. Considering the diversity in socioeconomic status of across the people of the state, the Odisha brand of excellence carries access, equity, affordability and purpose for all of its youth. The Academic meet during the Make in Odisha (MIO) Conclave aims to bring forth the “way forward” in Odisha Higher Education Sector where the global compulsions of competency based education and concepts of knowledge economy are blended with practices of Mahatma’s concepts of compassion and equity. This Academic meet is structured around a Plenary Session during early afternoon and four parallel are sessions in the late afternoon where eminent Academicians, Administrators and Industrialists join together to make Odisha the destination of Global Higher Education

Session 1. Plenary : Odisha :Higher Education for a Better Tomorrow (Prof R. Ramaswamy, Prof. Trilochan Mahapatra)

The advent of knowledge economy and the availability of a large resurgent pool of youth in the age group of 15 -30 across nations has changed the traditional paradigms of higher education. Ideas like Competency based education, blended learning, technology aided learner centric education, intellectual property generation through research and innovation, Holistic and cultural value based education, internationalization and community linked learning etc. are few concepts that are sweeping the arena of what is being called the fourth generation of learning and the new universities of substance. The Plenary session has been planned around these definition and practices of higher education in the context of global sustainability. In addition, the current higher education opportunities and directions would be showcased through release of a vision document as well as a short video film. The session would have two extremely eminent knowledge professionals as speakers and participants would include intellectuals, thought leaders and students of Odisha. The session will have ample scope for discussion and would lay the foundation for the thematic sessions later in the afternoon.

Thematic Session 1 : Internationalization of Higher Education and Community Linkages (Prof. Rajesh Tandon; Mr. Kurt Larson; Francisco Marmolejo)

The session has two sub themes. The first theme will focus on the concepts of internationalization including the current practices of leveraging of Digital technologies to facilitate training of youth in global competencies. The second theme will outline the importance of the university community linkages and its influence in building youth of substance. The session will also provide glimpses into the Odisha higher education Institutions in the context of the themes.

Thematic Session 2. Reforms in Higher Education for Excellence and Equity (Prof. Ved Prakash; Prof. Venkatesh Kumar)

Adaptability to the ever changing job competencies and new technologies is one of the major compulsions of higher education systems across the globe. Ranking and placing one’s institution amongst top universities of the world has also become another buzz word. Educationists and Universities are therefore introducing a large number of reforms to keep pace with the changing scenario. The present session showcases the reforms that are being incorporated across the state and the nation for Higher Education Institution to be a global force. The session includes two eminent Speakers followed by Odisha specific discussions.

Thematic Session 3. Knowledge Partnerships with Industry and Employability : (Prof. Achyuta Samanta, Dr. Tapan Chand)

Translating Academic Knowledge into innovation, societal applications vis a vis employability is one of the major goals of higher Education. Industry and Knowledge have a symbiotic relationship that draws strength from each other and enriches all. The present session is a state of art reflections on current practices and future directions. The session includes two eminent Speakers followed by Odisha specific discussions.

Thematic Session 4. Research and Innovation (Dr. Sanjaya Nayak, Prof Ashok Mohapatra; Prof. Bedangadas Mohanty)

Research or continuous creation of new knowledge and innovation that translates research towards large scale commercial/ societal applications are the two fundamental cornerstones of higher education. The R & I footprint has always been considered as the hallmark of great institutions. Odisha as an education hub is continuously trying to focus on frontline cutting edge science as well as translational social science research. The present session is organized around three extremely eminent speakers focusing on major aspects of R & I Imprints in Higher Education in Odisha.

Each Session will be attended by Vice chancellors, Professors, Faculty, Students, Invited industrialists and other thought leaders of the State.