Agri Business


November 13, 2018 02:00 PM - 04:00 PM Seminar Hall: Baitarani

Objectives of the session
  • Innovative agribusiness development strategy to meet diversified needs of the state.
  • To showcase the policy & regulatory environment and investment opportunities in the areas of:
    • Post Harvest Management (Scientific storage & Cold chain infrastructure)
    • E-Commerce & Agri exports
    • Think Organic, Think Odisha

The state's economy witnessed high growth rates between 2004-05 and 2015-16, with gross state domestic product (GSDP) expanding at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.25 %. During this period, farmers’ income has grown the fastest in Odisha compared to the entire country. In real terms, the farmers’ income in Odisha grew at 8.4 % CAGR between 2002-03 and 2015-16. No state came close with the next state being at ~ 6.5 %. Conducive climate and soil pattern play a vital role in Odisha’s agriculture economy.

Odisha, leader in Food production

Odisha is endowed with a wide biodiversity having 10 agro climatic zones, adequate average rainfall of more than 1200 mm per annum, 61.80 lakh Ha of cultivable land, skilled manpower provide an abundant opportunity for the agri investors in the state.

  • Leading cereal producer in India - 107 lakh MT with 25 lakh MT surplus (2016-17)
  • With a coast line of 480 km, Odisha is 4th in India in shrimp production (0.61 lakh MT),{amongst the 6th largest fish producing states (4.67 lakh MT) }
  • Total horticultural production in the state (117.0 lakh MT)
  • 7th largest producer of vegetables (90.0 lakh MT)
  • 21 lakh MT production of fruits (Mango-8.1, Banana- 4.7, Citrus-2.6)
  • Highest producer of Sweet Potato (3.85 lakh MT)
  • 3rd highest producer of Cashew (0.88) & 10th highest producer of Tomato (13.0) lakh MT
  • Major producer of Spices (5.0) Turmeric (2.2), Ginger (1.3) & Chilli (0.7) lakh MT
  • About 22% of the total cultivable area (61.80 lakh ha) involved in horticulture production (13.60 lakh ha)
Emerging Business Opportunities in Post Harvest Management

Both private & public sector industries can play a pivotal role in the field of PHM, storage, logistics, agriculture e-marketing, promoting organic farming and exports. Odisha stands in an unique position to support private investment in developing necessary infrastructure in PHM, Storage & agri logistics sectors to augment farmers’ income in the state.

Key areas of investment include
  • Storage: Warehousing of non-perishable, semi-perishable products, Solar cold storages, Storage services for farmers, Traders, and commodity exchanges.
  • Procurement:For Processors, Trading companies, Fee based procurement from Mandis, e-commerce
  • Collateral Services:Commodity stock financing upto 75% of value, Loan against WR, Tie-up with banks for financing fee
  • Allied Services:Quality assaying, Certification services, Transportation and logistics support, weighment services, Agri Retail services etc.
Different policies & programmes under way
  • Organic farming policy
  • FPO policy
  • Odisha Millet Mission (OMM)
  • Cold chain policy
  • Booklet on “Compendium of Investible projects in Agribusiness sector”

Representatives from the industries involved across the agri sector value chain related to PHM, e- marketing and organic farming are welcome to attend and participate in the deliberations.