Conclave Session: Inviting Investments in Biotechnology Sector ImageName

November 15, 2018 10:30 AM- 12:30 PM Seminar Hall: Rushikulya

  • The objective of this session is to provide a platform to discuss the investment opportunities and the unique competitive advantages offered by Odisha in Biotechnology Sector.
  • Odisha is in a unique position to support investments in biotechnology sector considering some of its unique competitive advantages as listed below:
    • The State has been blessed with rich Bio-diversity. The State has a long coastline covering 480 Kms. Chilka lake- the largest brackish water lake in Asia has a unique ecosystem.Koraput district of southern Odisha has been identified by Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of UN as Global Agricultural Heritage site which is among only other three sites in the world.
    • The State also boasts of high intellectual capital and resources required for establishment and growth of knowledge-based industries in the State. The Capital city Bhubaneswar has many premier academic and research institutions such as AIIMS, IIT, ILS, NISER, etc. The highly skilled manpower coming out of these institutions can be harnessed to establish Biotechnology industries in the State.
    • Government of Odisha is establishing a Bio-tech park over about sixty acres of land on the outskirts of the Capital city of Bhubaneswar. Odisha Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation (IDCO), a State PSU has signed a lease cum- Development Agreement with Bharat Bio-Tech International Limited (BBIL), a Hyderabad based farm to develop the 1st Bio-tech Park in the State. The Park will also have a Biotech Incubator spread over 10 acres.
    • To support growth of Bio-technology based industries in Odisha, the Department of Science & Technology announced the Odisha Bio-technology Policy in 2016. Bio-technology is recognized as a priority sector under Industrial Policy Resolution (IPR-2015). The policy provides numerous incentives for priority industry. The State also has an excellent MSME Development Policy and a Start up Policy. The fiscal, non-fiscal incentives and any other support measures available under IPR 2015, MSME Development Policy & Start up Policy, shall be available to units under the Biotechnology Sector. The Biotechnology industrial units can also choose to avail incentives under either under other sectoral policy like Agriculture Policy, Food Processing Policy, etc.
  • During the session, prominent industrialists, officials from DBT, GoO, BIRAC, ABLE, senior academicians/officials from central and state universities, and representatives from the industry will deliberate on the outlook for the sector and the opportunities for investments in Odisha for large, MSME as well as startup enterprises. The key topics of discussion shall include:
    • Ecosystem in Odisha relating to academics, industries, R&D institutions and startups.
    • Invest areas
      • Biopharmaceuticals
      • Health/Medical Biotech
      • Plant Biotech
      • AgriTech – Food & Nutrition
      • Herbal/Medicinal Plants
      • Nutraceuticals
      • Green Technology (bio-diversity, bio-resources, sustainability, environment, waste-management, New Materials and Minerals (natural/synthetic, bio-engineered, nanotechnology materials)
      • Bio-Energy (Bio-Fuel, Bio-Diesel, Bio-Gas, Bio-Petrol, Animal Agriculture, Dairy Health, Food Animals, Transgenics.
    • Modernization plans and Opportunities for the industry
    • Growth opportunities for Incubates/ Startups
    • Experience and perspective sharing by successful enterprises operating in the sector(KIIT TBI)

Representatives from the industry involved across the entire value chain of Biotechnology are welcome to attend and participate in the deliberations.