Building Smart Odisha

Conclave Session: Panel Discussion on Building Smart Odisha ImageName

November 12, 2018 03:00 PM-05:00 PM Seminar Hall: Brahmani

The objective of this1-hour session on ‘Building Smart Odisha’ is to provide a platform to discuss several smartnext-generation initiatives to accelerate the digital transformation of cities in Odisha.

As part of the Bhubaneswar Smart City, several interventions on digital transformation is implemented to provide ease of delivery of public services and improving transparency and accountability such as E – Governance interventions like automation and digitization of all utilities payments, end to end online delivery of various Government schemes and grievance redressal mechanism. The Wi–Fi services are an attempt to reduce the pertinent digital divide from the infrastructural point and with the use of public digital kiosks as end elements it is a promising way forward. To ensure a safe and secure environment, Surveillance Solutions have been provided across the cities, with a vision to integrate all feeds coming from the various field sensors such as Cameras, Emergency Call Buttons, Environmental Sensors, and Traffic Sensors into the Command Control Center. Command Control Center being manned by various departments at a single place ensures better coordination and quicker resolution of issues.

A smart city is always envisioned with a Smart Urban Mobility Plan. Smart Urban Mobility Plan now has various facets attached to it, ranging from Low Carbon Mobility Plan (LCMP) to reducing congestion by providing various technological interventions. Adaptive Traffic Control Systems is a step on similar lines, where the Traffic Systems are made to adapt to a city traffic flow, ensuring reduced travel time. With the use of Red Light Violation System, Automatic Number Plate Recognition Systems and e – challan, a tech- savvy enforcement idea is being explored so as to enforce traffic rules. Smart Parking is another important facet in ensuring proper parking, which in turn helps in increased revenue and improved traffic flows.

With the rapidly growing urban population putting untold pressure on water networks, it has become vital to work on smart ways of waste water recycling and reuse. Additionally, in order to achieve 24x7 water supply, it is envisioned to implement next –generation solutions such as SCADA that aim to achieve real-time data-driven business efficiencies in leak detection and resolution.

The challenge of providing quality habitat to the rapidly rising urban inhabitants and that too in affordable and inclusive manner is now being accorded top priority. As a result, It has become important to work on ways to leverage sustainable materials, responsive design and advanced buildings techniques to enable provision of comfortable and quality housing for the urban poor.

During the session, prominent experts from the fields of urban transportation, water& sanitation and housing will deliberate on the outlook of making a Smarter Odisha. The key topics of discussion shall include:

  • Digital Transformation of Cities (Command Control Centre/City Wi-Fi/Surveillance Solutions/E-Governance)
  • Smart Mobility (Smart Parking/Multimodal Intelligent Systems)
  • Adequate Water Supply (24 x 7) Management including waste water recycling
  • Affordable Housing- Smart and Affordable Building Solutions

Policy makers, civil society, donor community, researchers, academicians and private sector/ industry involved across the value chain of technology, mobility, housing and others are welcome to attend and participate in the deliberations.